Allison – Baltimore, MD

“Ok, so… I HATED working out! There’s nothing pretty about getting all sweaty. My mom bought me sessions with Niki as a birthday gift, so I tried it out. It was SO much fun! I never knew I could just workout in my living room. I always imagined guys staring at me in the gym. This was so much better than that. I could be alone, one on one, and Niki listened to me. If I didn’t like an exercise, she’d modify it, so I would still get a good workout, but not dread it. I’ve got to give her credit… she’s been really patient with me AND my busy schedule. Thanks, Niki!”

Nonni – Towson, MD

“Niki will always go the “extra mile” for me and her other clients. She listens, researches our questions, and takes her personal time and knowledge to create our individual workouts. She lets me know that she’s really listening and assists me in helping reach my goal. She makes us all feel special and individual. I consider Niki my “lifeline” and I truly look forward to our training sessions. Training with Niki is the only “thing” I do for myself and I so look forward to the sessions.”

Kelly – Baltimore, MD

“After I had my first kid, I was successfully able to drop a little bit of weight, but still had about 30 lbs to lose. After my second kid, I was about 45 lbs overweight and VERY unhappy. I would get tired easily and relied on food for comfort. I was not healthy! With Niki’s inspiration, I was able to learn how to curb my cravings and balance my eating habits with daily exercise. It took a while and I wasn’t always so good in the beginning, but Niki stood by me and challenged me and motivated me to become the woman I am today. Now, nutrition and exercise is a daily part of my life and I’m able to keep up with my youngsters. Furthermore, I’m happy to bring my healthy choices into my kid’s lives and hopefully, they’ll learn to make healthier choices as they grow older!”

Cathy – Baltimore, MD

“I would like to thank you for your help in my body fitness program. You have helped me achieve something in a few months, that I haven’t been able to achieve in many years of working out at the gym on my own. I was in a car accident in the 80’s and it always felt like you could split me down the middle, with one side being stronger than the other. You have helped me even the strength on both sides of my body! Not only equal, but stronger. I am very pleased with the development of my arms, back, legs, etc. – all the goals that we discussed. I had no idea that I was working the wrong muscles all this time. Just by correcting my form, I was able to see a huge improvement in my results! Not only do I look better, I feel better and healthier. I feel younger now than I did when I was a young adult! Thank you so much!”

Charles – Baltimore, MD

“Recently, I returned to working out, after a 3-year layoff, after I had an aortic valve replacement operation in 2004. I went to the gym, expecting to find it hard to get restarted after the long layoff. My cardio was terrible, like most overweight and out of shape 60 year old men. I decided what I needed was a Personal Trainer to get me motivated and to keep me in the right mind set. I met the most energetic, friendly trainer, Niki Barr. Not enough can be said about this young lady! After about 2 weeks working with Niki, I could do at least 45 minutes to an hour of cardio. My weight dropped over 15 lbs, I’ve lost 9 inches, and my body fat dropped 2%. My balance and leg strength have doubled, thanks to Niki. If you need a real motivator and a great trainer, she’s the one for you. She demands a lot, but the results are well worth the effort. Her personality speaks volumes – she cares about your success and achievements in health and weight loss.”

In Home Personal Trainer in Baltimore, MD